Abril de del efemerides mes

For to-morrow abril de del efemerides mes priest shall awake, And the names be named of the victims to bleed for the nations abril de del efemerides mes And first of the numbered many that shall be slain ere noon, Rua the child of the dirt, Rua the kinless loon. For him shall the drum be beat, for him be raised the song, For him to the sacred High-place the chaunting people throng, For him the oven smoke as for a speechless beast, And the sire of my Taheia come greedy to the feast. Rua, be silent, spare me. Taheia closes her ears. Pity my yearning heart, pity my girlish years. Flee from the cruel hands, flee from the knife and coal, Lie hid in the deeps of the woods, Rua, sire of my soul.
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